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Comme toi j’attends!

J’avais presque oublié que j’avais fait la précommande et quand j’ai vu tout d’un coup que la version « standard » sortait ça m’est revenu et ça m’a mis en joie!

En faite c’est pas si mal les précommande hors saison ça fait des « surprise » au moment venu!

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Le mien arrive semaine prochaine (couleur Rust) si tout va bien :innocent:

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Nouveau Field Shirt en merino,je passe mon tour, aillant pu en choper une l’année dernière mais encore une belle pièce.

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Petite question pour ceux qui auraient commandé chez SEH post-Brexit : ça a mis combien de temps à arriver à peu près ?

L’envoi (en tout cas le mien) est fait via ParcelForce, donc La Poste a priori à l’arrivée : pas sur d’être là à réception selon les délais. Merci pour l’info si quelqu’un a :slight_smile:

Moi ça avait pris 13j, expédié à l’époque par TNT. J’avais demandé à Paul qui m’avait répondu que le colis avait été bloqué pour une raison inconnue chez TNT en UK pendant plusieurs jours.

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Ok merci, je suis pas pressé mais c’est bon à savoir, je vais tabler là dessus (15j). D’ici là il se mettra peut être à faire suffisamment frais pour la porter en plus :slight_smile:

Commande expédiée le 2 septembre via ParcelForce, toujours rien. J’avais pas souvenir qu’ils étaient aussi lents.

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I am sorry about this.

We have a handful of shipments to France right now which have crossed the Channel, but are now in the hands of La Poste, and they’re not going anywhere.

We’ve had fairly good transport to France since February or March — not like the days pre-Brexit, but at least reliable.

I’m trying my darnedest to get these parcels released and en route, but La Poste are not proving an easy company from which to squeeze information. I am making as much of a nuisance of myself as possible, however.

We are finalising the setup of a DHL Express account this week. This will (a) speed up future shipments to France considerably, and (b) be a good opportunity for me to send your order again if La Poste don’t do the first job properly. It should be ready in a matter of days.

This truly is toe-curlingly frustrating. We are only only as good as our most recent shipment — or our slowest shipment — and it pains me to have customers kept waiting. We strive to be prompt and punctual, and I am sincerely sorry and frankly embarrassed when a customer endures days (let alone weeks) of delay. It is, as mentioned, about five shipments, and quite why they’ve become the exception to an otherwise fine shipment channel is a mystery to me, as all paperwork and declarations are complete.

Hopefully in the hands of DHL in the coming days, and beyond, we can get back on track.


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Hey Paul,

Absolutely no worries - looking forward to receiving it but I can definitely wait. Thanks for all the details, and I can understand how frustrating it can be to work with La Poste.

Anyway, cold days are still ahead - good luck for the last parcels still on the road, having impatient (spoiled?) customers doesn’t require any apology on your side :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

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Too kind, really, and too generous in your understanding.

My job is to ensure that a customer gets the best product and the best service, and a significant chunk of that is ensuring it makes reasonable progress from door to door.

If the parcel isn’t with you by the start of the new week / by the time we have set up a DHL Express account (1-2 days to France, they tell me) then we will send the order again, and arrange collection of the delayed one once it reaches you, at a time and location of your preference.

And then we can draw a line under it and it’s all milk and honey from now until eternity.

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Les premières images des tweed des Balmacaan spécifiques Styleforum :

Here’s the wide herringbone Donegal tweed for the Styleforum edition of the balmacaan.

Truly great cloth: perfect for a walking coat.
It is more bold than the barleycorn tweed used for the « standard » balmacaan last month, and the pattern of the cloth is more distinctive from a distance. I guess the pattern of a standard-width herringbone might be discernible from five paces; this is more ten-pace territory (not a guarantee).
I think I like the dark green cloth up close, and the grey one from afar. Just … yes, very nice.
These are photographs under the strip lights of a cutting room, which isn’t my favourite lighting for photographs for showing the colour and texture of cloth. Roll on outdoor autumn light …

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Le vert a l’air magnifique !

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Je sais que je vais en rendre certains un peu jaloux (désolé…)

Taille plutôt petit je trouve. Le M me va juste. Dans le doute n’hésitez pas à prendre la taille au-dessus

Mais la pièce est magnifique. Ma première chez S.E.H et certainement pas la dernière

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Purée neeeeeed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Tiens, c’est différent de mon impression sur l’engineer jacket que je trouvais plutôt large.

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Superbe ! Je reçois la mienne demain normalement, j’ai hâte. Elle te va nickel en tout cas.

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Looks good to me!

There is nothing worse than a too-large trucker or denim jacket, in my opinion, hence our keen sizing. « Exactly to size » or « slightly on the small size » is perfect, in my opinion, in this (and only this) case.

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I agree it looks good :wink:, but I thought the brand tended to size big, but that was not my experience with this piece. I just wanted to clarify for potential buyers.

The trucker is amazing by the way! Super well executed!

Bravo! (As we say in Shoreditch.)

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